Hot Spots Report for Pensacola Fishing Charters January 2015

Pensacola Fishing Charters – Inshore
There’s some great fishing to be had right now around the Pensacola Bay Bridge. Most of the action has come from redfish and white trout, but you never know when you’ll luck into another species.
If you don’t mind spending some time tracking them down there’s still plenty of big redfish schooling in Pensacola Bay and along the beaches in the Gulf. Always keep an eye out for birds and crowds of boats, they can help you track down the schools of fish.
Speckled trout fishing should be getting really good now that we’re moving into the freezing part of winter, the warm weather can only stick around for so long.

Pensacola Deep Sea Fishing Charters – Offshore
With a bunch of different species open for harvest now it’s definitely worth making a trip offshore and bringing home a cooler full of bottom dwellers.
You can keep amberjack, vermillion snapper, triggerfish, scamp, red grouper, white snapper, and all of the deep drop species right now.
If you can find a break in the weather the tuna fishing is typically pretty steady during January out around the deep water rigs.

Pensacola Fishing – Piers & Beaches
Like I said last week this is the best time of year to fish off the Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge. You can catch fish out there anytime, but usually the best bite for white trout and redfish is at night.
Fishing in the surf can be hit or miss during the winter months, but if you can find the whiting you will likely be able to catch them one after another and you never know when you’ll find a hole with resident pompano.

Inshore Fishing Pensacola – Freshwater
A couple different anglers reported they’ve been catching quite a few striped bass on the Escambia River and usually once they start biting on Escambia you can do just as well on the Blackwater River. Live bait works great, but you can try a variety of artificial lures as well.

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