Hot Spots Report for Pensacola Fishing Charters September 2015

Pensacola Fishing Charters – Inshore
Anglers are finding a decent amount of speckled trout, redfish, and flounder in Pensacola Bay and other nearby bodies of water right now, but the action should only get better as the temperature continues to drop.
Spanish mackerel have become a bit tougher to find, but there’s still quite a few around Pensacola Bay and along the beaches out in the Gulf.
Another good option for inshore anglers is mangrove snapper. You can find them around structure like bridges and jetties. Live bait is the key to being successful with them, so just buy some shrimp or catch some alewives.

Pensacola Offshore Fishing Charters – Offshore
As you probably expect there’s been a lot more boats out in the Gulf on the weekends now that red snapper season is open. There’s been several people ticketed for red snapper fishing beyond the state waters line, so be sure to check the distance of the spots you’re fishing.
Amberjack fishing has been great and the size limit still is 30 inches. You’ll definitely find the best bite out in federal waters, but you may be able to pick up a keeper or two in state waters if you want to try it after getting your red snapper.

Pensacola Beach Fishing Charteres – Piers & Beaches
This is a great time to hit the inshore piers like Bob Sikes Bridge, Fort Pickens Pier, and Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge. Mangrove snapper, flounder, redfish, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel are all possible catches this time of year.
It’s getting close to time to start looking for pompano in the surf. As usual just get some fresh shrimp or live sandfleas and find a good hole or washout off the beach.

Charter Fishing Pensacola – Freshwater
Anglers fishing the local rivers have been finding a decent bite from both bass and bream. It sounds like the water level has been a bit on the low side in a lot of areas, but the clarity has been good.

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