Hot Spots Report for Pensacola Fishing Charters April 2016

Inshore – Fishing Charters Pensacola
Anglers have been finding a decent amount of speckled trout on the grass flats using live shrimp, soft plastic lures, and suspending plugs like the Mirrolure Mirrodine.
You can also find some schools of redfish roaming the flats in the shallower water, but it’s always a good idea to try a couple of residential docks if you’re targeting reds.
A few sheepshead are still around, but it never really got good like we saw it get several years ago. You’ll still want to look for them around Pensacola Pass or on some of the shallow structure out in the Gulf.

Offshore – Pensacola Fishing Charters
It looks like we have some rough seas on the way for this weekend so it’ll likely keep most people from venturing very far offshore.
We are definitely in the peak of cobia season, but the bite hasn’t been anything to get to excited about so far.
If you’re planning a trip to catch some bottom dwellers for dinner I would focus on amberjack, triggerfish, and vermillion snapper. As usual, you’ll want to have some type of live bait if you’re going after the amberjack.

Piers & Beaches – Pensacola Fishing
It goes without saying, but cobia and pompano continue to be the primary target for most anglers on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier and Navarre Beach Fishing Pier. The pompano bite has been good when the conditions are right, but the cobia action has been hit or miss.
Surf fishing for pompano, whiting, and redfish has been steady recently and shouldn’t slow down anytime soon. With the strong east winds coming this weekend you’ll need some decent size weights to keep your bait out.

Freshwater – Charter Fishing Pensacola
It sounds like the best bass action has been on the local lakes and ponds. Locally, we have a handful of public lakes that produce good results. Bear, Hurricane, and Karick Lake are all usually pretty productive this time of year.

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