June Fishing Forecast 2022


Spanish mackerel are typically a popular species to target throughout the month of June. They can be found in Pensacola Bay and out in the Gulf of Mexico along the beaches. A number of different tactics will work, but trolling with small lures like glass minnow jigs is a great option.
Redfish can be found on structure likes bridges, rock piles, and deep docks. One of the best places to fish is the Pensacola Bay Bridge, both during the day and at night. Live shrimp or any type of small fish bait works well.

Speckled trout fishing can be good as well both on the flats and around structure. If you want to fish the flats you’ll want to use lures like the MirrOlure MirrOdine since the pinfish are so bad. If you want to target larger fish try to catch some croakers and fish around structure.


June is a very popular month to head offshore, especially because red snapper season opens for recreational anglers on Friday June 17. As you might expect the fishing will be great on most of the public spots for the first week or two until they start feeling the pressure.
King mackerel fishing was pretty slow throughout the month of May, but should get good at some point in June. You can either catch live bait and slow troll or just use dusters with dead cigars minnow. The buoys, USS Massachusetts, or many of the large wrecks like the Three Barges or Paradise Hole.

Fishing for vermillion (mingo) snapper is typically very good throughout both June and July. They can be found on both artificial wrecks and natural bottom. Just move around the wreck until you find them on your bottom machine.

Piers & Beaches

The Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier is a great place to fish during the summer. King and Spanish mackerel will be the primary catches. If you want to target the kings you’ll need a wire leader and some sabiki rigs, while the Spanish can be caught using Gotcha lures or small live baits.

Bob Sikes Bridge can Be a pretty good place to go during the summer months. Black snapper, flounder, redfish, and speckled trout are all possible catches out there. The Spanish mackerel fishing can get good too, but sometimes it’s July before they show up.

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