Inshore Fishing Charters

We may define it as an inshore charter, but at Hot Spots Charters you would never know it by the size of the fish we bring over the gunnels. We offer anglers a wide variety of different types of inshore and nearshore trips. Of course if you want to hit the back waters on a Pensacola fishing charters and go after speckled trout, redfish, and flounder we can surely do that considering we spent years fishing for redfish at the highest level of competition. Although our specialty is to go after the big ones whether it be bottom fishing the deep waters of Pensacola Bay or heading out into the Gulf of Mexico after red snapper, gag grouper, triggerfish, amberjack, sharks, mackerel, and much more. Different from our competition we charge one rate for our trips, there is no price difference whether we fish a mile from the marina or head nine miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. We want to offer our anglers the very best trip possible under the conditions we’re provided on that particular day, we never make a trip about the amount of gas we burn or how many pounds of bait we use. We are always willing to do what you want, but don’t be afraid to tell the captain you want to catch whatever is biting best.

Offshore Fishing Charters

Pensacola is known for its great deep sea fishing for many many different species. Red Snapper are our most sought after species, but most captains on Pensacola Beach will agree that there are much better tasting fish that we can catch. If you’re looking to go bottom fishing some likely catches include amberjack, gag grouper, triggerfish, scamp, long tail bass, yellow edge grouper, red grouper, black snapper, and vermillion snapper in addition to those red snapper everyone’s puts a bounty on. Sharks are also a very likely catch on just about every offshore charter that pulls away from the dock. A good portion of our bottom fishing is done in an area called the Edge where there is a drastic drop in depth about thirty miles from Pensacola Pass. If you’re more into trolling we can accommodate that as well when the bite is hot. Billfish, wahoo, dolphin, and tuna are all a possibility, but you will need to look at booking a longer trip in order to give our captains time to get to the fertile fishing grounds. The best bet for yellowfin tuna is to head to the deep water rigs that start about ninety miles from Pensacola Pass. One other cool option for anglers looking for fun is a king mackerel trip, we can do these in just four hours and you’ll really get to see some line be pulled off the reel with these smokers.

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