Hot Spots Fishing Report March 2024


Sheepshead fishing has been pretty good, but it’s nothing like the old days. The jetties at Pensacola Pass has been as good of a spot as any, but again if you can come away with five to ten fish that’s an excellent day of sheepshead fishing. You’ll want to use a Carolina rig with a small hook and either live shrimp or fiddler crabs.
Speckled trout fishing has been hit or miss with the weather changing so extreme from one day to the next. Around the mouths of the canals in Santa Rosa Sound is a pretty good spot to look for them right now, especially on the warmer days. Pinfish aren’t too bad yet, so you can use live shrimp. Artificial lures also work well and allot you to cover a lot of area.
Winter is when it’s usually best, but there’s still a lot of white trout around the Pensacola Bay Bridge. You’ll want to look for them around the old bridge structure that’s under water. Basically just get off the end of the old fishing bridge and move along until you see a nice mark on your bottom machine. Once located shrimp, squid, or soft plastic lures will all work well.


Triggerfish and vermillion snapper will be your primary targets if you’re heading out bottom fishing and looking for something you can keep. Your best bet for the vermillion snapper will be the larger public well known wrecks, while trigger are found more abundantly on small wrecks like reef balls or chicken coops. When looking for them a variety of cut northern mackerel and squid will be your bait of choice.
The tuna fishing reports have been good from the rigs if you’re looking to make a trip. This time of year the toughest part is catching a good weather window, so you’ve got to be sitting on go if you’re trying to get out there. There also been some good amounts of fish around the known mounds out there, which the numbers to can be found online. Be prepared to do a number of different types of fishing and make sure to bring plenty of bait to chunk.
More than likely the first cobia of the year will be caught in the next week or so, but the outlook on the season isn’t great considering what we’ve seen the last couple of years. If you’re going to give it a try to grabs a few eels and a couple fish baits and ride the beach.

Piers & Beaches

The time is just about perfect to hit the beach in search of pompano. Anywhere from Navarre to Perdido key can be good for surf fishing. Pompano are a migrating fish that travel east to west this time of year and mid march is typically when it really gets started. Just get setup on the beach where you can see a whole or washout and fish with fresh shrimp of live sandfleas.
Bob Sikes Bridge and Fort Pickens Pier can be hot spots for redfish and sheepshead this time of year, just make sure you have the right bait, either live shrimp of fiddler crabs. Tide is also important, it can be moving either direction, just make sure there’s some tidal movement.

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